Are the manuals free to download?

Yes, I will try my best to have available all the manuals for free.

Is there a limit of how many PDF files I can download?

No, there is no limit for how many PDF files you can download. But please don't use any downloader/spider/grabber programs to download all the PDF files from this website. Everything is good in moderate quantities.

Can I use a download accelerator to download the PDF manuals?

Yes, you can. But downloading in multiple chunks/sections is not available.

Can the DPF files contain viruses or any malware?

While I have scanned each file personally with multiple antivirus programs, you could scan them again after you have downloaded them for the peace of your mind.

I have found some mistakes on this website or in the PDF files. How can I help?

You can use the contact page link above in the menu and send me an email. Any feedback or help is appreciated.